JÜGO’s core is to integrate the successful concepts of organic-based companies and wellness into a lifestyle and following. Our goal is to encourage our customers to become better versions of themselves while bettering the community. JÜGO is not just a store but a lifestyle brand that reaches far beyond the walls of our shop. 

By visiting JÜGO, guests will order from a menu including a variety of organic nourishment choices. Our menu includes a broad range and variety of options, appeasing all palettes. From smoothies, juices, acai bowls, and pure shots. Once a customer orders, they will grab a seat in the simple zen-inspired area to wait for their freshly made smoothie, juice or bowl, and choose to work remotely from their office, study for an upcoming test, or just read a good book. Your experience at JÜGO WellnessBar will mimic your favorite local coffee shop, but offer more than less than fresh coffee beans and a cold brew.

JÜGO is a health-conscious brand that allows all customers to enjoy the foods naturally created by the earth. Indulging at JÜGO WellnessBar will become an essential stop for individuals looking for a boost post-workout, need a break from their work environment, or just a simple meal replacement.